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Enginuity Hall


The best part about living in Enginuity Hall is that everyone understands the commitment it takes to be an engineer. That has kept me focused and on top of my education. Many of the people that I am living with are in the same classes as me, so it is easy to get help.

Christopher Holmes, Computer Engineering, Class of 2013

A Home Away From Home

Enginuity Hall is a special residence hall option just for first-year engineering students. Enginuity Hall is part of the Bourns Community of Scholars Program and creates an environment where engineering students can succeed, both inside and outside the classroom.

There are Enginuity Hall communities located in each of UCR’s on-campus residence hall facilities.

 Enginuity Hall features an engineering faculty member-in-residence who helps oversee the program and mentors first-year students as they begin their educational experience. The faculty member currently in residence is Professor of Mechanical Engineering Javier Garay.

In addition, the program features tutoring, study groups, peer mentoring from upper division students, professional development workshops, quarterly social gatherings with Bourns faculty and an end of the year research conference.

Fast Facts About Enginuity Hall

  • There are Enginuity Halls located in each of UCR’s undergraduate residence halls.
  • Each hall has about 50 beds for students.
  • Engineering students are not automatically placed into Enginuity Hall. Students must select the hall on their housing contract.
  • First-year engineering students are not required to live in Enginuity Hall.

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