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Riverside offers one of the highest faculty/student ratios in the UC system, strong programs with extra attention, and a sense of academic community that seems to have been lost at other UC schools.

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The Bourns College of Engineering features nine different majors and one minor. These programs will prepare you for your post-graduation plans, whether it is attending a top-tier graduate school of your choice or a professional career path.

Our world-class faculty is dedicated to giving you the attention you deserve and delivering the best education possible through mentoring, undergraduate research and internship opportunities.


The Bioengineering curriculum is a very intensive program that prepares students for the life science industries. These include biotechnology products such as insulin and enzymes, medical devices including pacemakers, MRI, and artificial kidneys, genetically engineered foods, and cell based therapies like stem cells and tissue engineering.

Approximately 25% of the industrial companies in these fields are located in California and generate $75 billion in sales. These companies employ about 270,000 individuals providing exceptional employment opportunities for bioengineering graduates.

Business Informatics

The Business Informatics program provides the background for a career in information management in a corporate setting and also provides the building blocks for an MBA degree. The Business Informatics program is offered jointly with the UCR School of Business Administration. The curriculum includes a suite of computer science courses that cover computers and computer systems, programming techniques, systems analysis and design, networking, databases, and security, as well as core business classes in management, accounting, finance, marketing and communications.

Chemical Engineering

Students in the chemical engineering program may choose from a traditional chemical engineering program or one that specializes in biochemical processes or bioengineering. Students receive a strong foundation in basic and applied sciences and an understanding of modern chemical engineering processes and their application. The program combines engineering with fields such as chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology.

Computer Engineering

Offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Computer Engineering program provides students with computer engineering sciences and design. Students are provided a foundation in electrical engineering and computer science, and backgrounds in engineering science as well as practical design experience, preparing them to become engineers who can design products that integrate hardware and software.

Computer Science

Offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Computer Science major provides students with an understanding of the fundamental principles of computing and modern computing technology. Students are prepared for a career in computer systems or for graduate work in computer science.

Electrical Engineering

The hallmark of the Electrical Engineering program in the Bourns College of Engineering is that every course is accompanied by a hands-on laboratory component that allows theory to be immediately applied in a real-world situation. The program features a student-faculty ratio of 17-1, providing students an opportunity to interact closely with faculty, and large research programs with opportunities for undergraduate research.

Environmental Engineering

Students majoring in Environmental Engineering are prepared for a variety of professional opportunities in green engineering, renewable energy, water and wastewater treatment and global environmental issues. Students choose from a concentration in either air or water quality.

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering provides students receive background in basic sciences and materials engineering and with hands-on experience in the lab, giving them the experience necessary to succeed in careers such as nanotechnology, electronics, computing and the biomedical, automotive and aerospace industries.

Mechanical Engineering

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering learn the skills that put them in demand for lucrative jobs or prepare them to continue their education at the school of their choice. Plus, they learn the impact of engineering and technology upon society. Bourns places a strong emphasis on faculty mentoring of students and encourages an unique learning environment in which undergraduates work directly with our faculty members in their labs throughout the student's academic career.

The BS + MS Option

The BS+MS program is open to students who have a GPA of at least 3.6. It is an integrated curriculum that leads to both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in just five years. The program features regular mentoring by both undergraduate and graduate advisers and research and industrial internships during the academic year and summer

The program is ideal for accomplished and motivated students who seek to quickly reach their academic and professional goals.

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